Andrew Meehan



Andrew is at currently at work on two feature-films: THE BEST BAR IN BAGHDAD, a comedy for Alan Moloney at Parallel Films; and A DAY IN THE LIFE, a bittersweet love-story for Martina Niland at Cosmo Films.  He is also writing a 3 part TV adapation of Mikhail Lermontov’s novel A HERO OF OUR TIME.

Prior to writing full-time, Andrew was for many years Head of Development at the Irish Film Board. There, he nurtured numerous Irish feature-films, including the Oscar-nominated animated feature SONG OF THE SEA and the rollicking comedy GOOD VIBRATIONS.

Andrew is also an award-winning fiction writer and you can find his most recent work in TOWN & COUNTRY: The Faber Book of New Irish Stories, for which Hot Press magazine described him as ‘Ireland’s answer to Michel Houllebecq’ and The Times aptly called him ‘wry’. His first novel ONE STAR AWAKE, which is indeed quite wry, was published by New Island Books in 2017.  Andrew’s new book, THE MYSTERY OF LOVE, a reimagining of the relationship between Oscar and Constance Wilde, will be published by Head of Zeus in February 2020.