Clare Dwyer Hogg



Clare Dwyer Hogg grew up in the North of Ireland and studied at Cambridge before working in London.  Currently she is under commission with two plays: THIS CONTINUOUS PRESENT for the Lyric Belfast and THE REGRET ROOM for Prime Cut.  Her first play, FAREWELL, premiered in Derry in December 2012 with Stephen Rea’s Field Day theatre company, and her second, THIRSTY DUST was one of Field Day’s trilogy of newly commissioned plays for Derry City of Culture.  Following her first BBC Radio 4 short story WISH YOU WEREN’T HERE in 2015, she read her second, THE ETYMOLGY OF A THIEF, on Radio 4 in September 2016. Her BBC Afternoon Play HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHILD? was broadcast in June 2015 and an adaption of FAREWELL went out on BBC 3’s THE WIRE in March 2013. Clare is also an award-winning journalist; in 2008 she received the Premio Luchetta award for human rights journalism for an article that appeared in the Observer Magazine. Most recently she has been writing for the Independent newspaper. Since 2005, she has also been a contributor on the Robert Elms show, BBC London radio. Clare was part of the 2011 New Playwrights Programme at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.  She now lives in Belfast with her husband, two daughters and son.

photo: Jenny Smith