Oli Forsyth



Oli is a writer, actor, theatre producer and poet. In 2013 he established new writing theatre company Smoke & Oakum Theatre which has to date, produced three – soon to be four – of Oli’s plays. In 2014 TINDERBOX had two productions in London and one at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where it was nominated for an Amnesty International Award. In 2015 CORNERMEN premiered at The Old Red Lion before running at The Pleasance and transferring to both The New Diorama and the Vaults.  In 2016 The New Diorama co-produced HAPPY DAVE with Smoke & Oakum, with runs in Edinburgh and London.  As a poet Oli performs his work at venues and festivals around the UK.  In summer 2017, KINGS went to The Edinburgh Fringe Fest before coming into the New Diorama.  New play SUCH FILTHY F*CKS will premiere at the 2019 Vault Festival.