1. How is amateur defined?

    An amateur production is considered to be one in which the cast, creative and producing team are not professional, i.e. they are providing their services free of charge and their participation in the production is not their principal way of earning their living.   ‘Profit share’ and ‘semi-professional’ productions will usually be charged on an amateur basis, but it does depend on factors like venue and length of run. For productions on the London Fringe Circuit for instance, a fringe licence may be more appropriate.

  2. How much do amateur licences cost?

    The fee payable will be a fixed amount per performance (plus VAT if applicable) with the cost scaling depending on the size of venue.  Up to 100 seats will be £60 per performance.

  3. I'm not charging for entry, do I still need to pay?

    Yes.  If it’s a public performance it doesn’t matter whether the audience pays or not.

  4. I only want to do an extract. How does that work?

    You still need a licence, although the fee will be reduced. However it must be made clear to the audience that the play is not being performed in its entirety.